Success Story: Teams, Challenges & Opportunities - Cristina Gheorghe

Cristina Gheorghe

Success Story: Teams, Challenges & Opportunities - Cristina Gheorghe

Cristina’s Success Story

My story with GVR started in 2015, when I joined the company for a Sales Support Associate position, leaving the field of Sales & Marketing in which I worked for more than 13 years. It was a big change, and because I have heard many things about GVR before, I decided to take this one and start a new career in a department that was born exactly when I joined it.

I remember beginnings, we were only four people in the team and we together were supposed to support the sales teams in the company and get more activities. Such a great opportunity to travel across all Europe, meet amazing people, and learn from each of their cultures and experiences.

Our team developed in a very short time and soon we were nine with new challenges that were coming. After 1 year of being in this position, with a huge desire to grow, I had a new chance and I’ve applied for the Sales Administration Manager role, which later became Customer Service Centre Manager and here I was, doing exactly what I loved: working with people even more!

This opportunity brought me more challenges to me and the team, new projects that we had to handle, many changes in the structure of our activities, learning every day something new which made me want to learn even more.

I felt supported and encouraged by GVR to exceed my limits and dig for new ways of doing things, attend more classes to develop my knowledge. All this time I had the privilege to be coached by professional people and I felt appreciated for each of my accomplishments.

In here I felt that I belong to a great family and in good or bad times we always support each other.