Easy, versatile, engaging: Gilbarco’s FlexPay OSP has arrived

Easy, versatile, engaging: Gilbarco’s FlexPay OSP has arrived

BASILDON, UK, 22 APRIL 2021 – Gilbarco Veeder-Root launches the Outdoor Service Point that will redefine the refuelling experience

Easy, versatile, engaging. Gilbarco Veeder-Root's new FlexPay OSP (Outdoor Service Point) adds value to the refuelling experience. The OSP is much more than a payment terminal. Designed to welcome customers into the service area ecosystem, it provides an interactive platform matching clients’ demands with the station’s goods and services. A cutting-edge device, the OSP is equipped with innovative tools, that offers gas station owners the opportunity to boost business by increasing their revenue generating touchpoints.


FlexPay OSP: a unique time-saving tool that maximises revenue opportunities

Today’s digital implementation often produces cumbersome management platforms. As integrated features increase, devices tend to become more involved and complex. The new FlexPay OSP is different. It is user-friendly and it provides service continuity. It allows for the flexibility fuel retailers need to increase sales opportunities. Easy to install, it is compatible with service areas’ pre-existing electronic equipment. 

Over the last few years Gilbarco Veeder-Root has embarked on a series of rapid technological innovations aimed at redefining the whole refuelling experience.

"Service stations are evolving more and more into community hubs. This is a new capacity that will improve quality of life and expedite the day-to-day actions modern demands imply", says Paolo Sorrentino, CEO of Gilbarco Italia.

Gilbarco has created the OSP to meet the industry’s requirements by enabling service stations to deliver a seamless user experience. Users can pay for a range of services, including refuelling, car wash, and even electric car recharging - all using one single terminal. At the same time, they will be served targeted promotions aimed at driving increased footfall into the c-store or coffee shop. But that's not all there is to it. The new dual-use multimedia interface allows owners to launch exclusive offers, and manage collector schemes and targeted loyalty campaigns, in real-time, and at the same time as the payment sequence. This is made possible by a large touch screen with two separately functioning areas.  

"Creating service differentiation largely depends upon the station operator’s dexterity in informing regular and occasional customers about products, services, and anything else that makes it stand out. Our terminal was designed to provide unlimited and boundless options. The display’s upper part, completely autonomous to the payment menu, is ready to host rich multi-media content, whether that’s promotions around additional goods or services, or informative content. Some will be offered directly by Gilbarco, via its Cloud platform, others can either be supplied by third parties suggested by Gilbarco, or selected by our customers for specific projects or marketing activities", adds Federico Barbati, Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Sales Director for Italy.


OSP: more integrated services within an intuitive user-friendly interface

The large touch screen is the new OSP’s beating heart. Designed to be user-friendly, it ensures an easy and intuitive payment operation, while displaying additional services, such as special offers and advertisements, in the upper part. FlexPay OSP allows station service proprietors to boost the use of their site’s in-house products or services, as well as promote others supplied by third parties. It’s a showcase for all the adjacent services the site provides, from classic ones such as car wash and maintenance (oil change, filters, wipers, etc..), to newer ones, like electric vehicle recharging. In addition to this, it offers the option to directly increase profit margins by selling advertising spaces to third-parties interested in drawing the attention of the captive audience. 

"We envision use of the OSP terminal in a variety of spaces within the service station. In addition to the forecourt itself, it could also be placed close to the c-store, car wash, or to the electric charging points. This enables fuel retailers to capitalise on the customer’s waiting time by offering extra services, in addition to those the customer is directly interested in", adds Federico Barbati. 

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is ready to support Europe’s fuel retailers with their digital transformation journeys.

"We are in prime position to extend our full support, wherever you are on your digital journey, in all that concerns automation-related choices made to increase profitability. Integrated within our global Cloud platform, the new OSP allows online access to remote services essential for the management of the fuel retail network. Especially nowadays, when constant data availability is the key to time-effective decision making on a daily basis", concludes Paolo Sorrentino.



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