How can I improve my fuel management to optimise my forecourt?

Fuel Management through Automatic Tank Gauges

How can I improve my fuel management to optimise my forecourt?

A common question from Gilbarco Veeder-Root customers is just how can I improve my fuel management and optimise my forecourt revenue. Will an automatic tank gauge (ATG) really improve my business? Often following this up with doubts about the cost of installation versus the return on investment. ATGs have been in use for some time now, but recent improvements have made them more effective than ever before, not to mention much more user friendly.

These are the top 5 reasons why an automatic tank gauge (ATG) should be a key investment for all service stations

1.Variance Minimisation

Accurate stock management begins with having accurate data. New ATGs like the TLS4 feature advanced algorithms that enable class-leading tank calibration, it is estimated that 80% of variance issues begin with poor tank calibration. Being able to take control of your variances means you have much better visibility of your bottom line, not only that it makes planning your deliveries much more effective well.

2. Leaks

Everyone is well aware of the financial impacts a large leak can have on a site, even small leaks, if undetected, can build into bigger problems. Wetstock management tools like Insite360 when linked to a modern ATG can identify very slow leaks even during busy active periods, from as little as 1 cup per hour.

3. Under Delivery detection

ATGs can alert you to shortages of deliveries and the detailed data reports can help prove to your suppliers any shortfall in delivery, to ensure you get what you paid for.

4. Cloud Connectivity is highly secure and future proof

Modern gauges have strong encryption protocols which prevent the possibility of hacking. Not only that, downloading updates direct from the cloud is easy or upload via USB, keeping the gauge up to date with the latest software developments with little effort.

5. Easy to use

Once installed the new user interfaces are very intuitive with touch screen technology offering clear and simple layout and instructions. Not only are the settings easy to use, features like sending an email alert when serious alarms are triggered mean that you will be instantly notified should something go wrong that requires immediate attention.