Insite360 - The next generation of wetstock management

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Insite360 - The next generation of wetstock management

Stored petroleum products are expensive and potentially damaging to the environment if not managed properly. On a daily basis many things can have a negative impact on a sites profitability; delivery shortfalls, pumps over dispensing, evaporation, leaks, theft or fraud, and many more. These factors can be quickly identified by Insite360 and the dedicated team of expert analysts that monitor sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

The Forecourt show at Birmingham’s NEC is less than three weeks away and we at Gilbarco Veeder-Root are very much looking forward to it. We have several things we are delighted to show our customers this year and one of the things we are most excited about it our exceptionally powerful wetstock management service Insite360.

Insite360 from Gilbarco Veeder-Root is a comprehensive end-to-end stock management system that offers site owners the ability to continuously monitor their site for sources of variance and loss, with alarms to alert of any issues impacting the forecourt direct to a specified inbox means that owners can be notified the moment an issue arises.

A major supermarket group in France recently rolled out Insite360 Advanced Services and within the first few weeks of operation not only identified a theft but also found a leak at a site operating without leak detection sensors. The Insite360 team started to investigate an overnight line drain back of just 2.5 litres, something made possible by Insite360’s advanced high resolution variance analysis tools and its high-quality tank re-calibration process. Starting from this small trace, the Insite360 team were able to conclude there was a line leak of approximately 20 litres per day which was communicated to the staff on site.

Without Insite360, a leak such as this could have cost hundreds of thousands of pound in remediation and legal costs. In addition, every litre lost means a site must sell another 20 litres to replace the missing profit margin – making up for such a revenue loss can take a long time and be severely detrimental to the profitability of a service station. Without Insite360, these sites could have seen thefts and leaks continue thus generating financial losses of undetermined origin. Such events can be extremely damaging for independent fuel retailers that unfortunately do not have the same economic strength to absorb such losses on their P&L.

Visit the team at the NEC stand U130 to get a first-hand look at our demo portal and talk to the experts about how Insite360 can protect your most precious commodity.