Welcome to the forecourt maintenance you can trust

The Service Provider for Forecourts

Welcome to the forecourt maintenance you can trust

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has provided maintenance services to forecourts in the UK since 1945. Today we are the UK’s largest service provider for fuelling equipment - providing contract maintenance to over 50% of retail forecourts in the UK. We have the largest footprint of field based engineers with over 100 delivering maintenance, installations and other value added services to ensure your forecourt is working at its best. Over 70 years experience as the UK's largest maintenance network.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root understands that uptime of fuel equipment is crucial to the dealer market. We have created a dedicated Dealer Business Unit - a team tasked with providing the best service possible for the particular needs of the dealer market. Our Dealer Service Account Manager ensures that service delivery is achieved in a cost and time efficient manner and that any exceptional issues are resolved promptly using his 20+ years of experience as a field-based engineer.

Not only can we maintain your fuel equipment, we can install your equipment, run wet-stock management services, electrical testing, certification, compliance services and remote diagnostics. Our leasing programmes allow new equipment to be supplied, installed and maintained for a simple monthly fee.

The pillars of our service philosophy are:

Health, Safety and Environment

Our robust HSE program is a mandatory requirement and Gilbarco Veeder-Root operate an industry leading DNV certified system across our organisation. We invest significantly in training and resources to ensure that we prevent personal injury, associate ill health and damage to property and to safeguard the welfare of our associates, customers and the general public, in so far as they come into contact with Gilbarco Veeder-Root or the Company's products.

Diagnose and repair rather than replace – Skills Matter

  • Our focused training program and extensive expertise in maintaining forecourts ensures our engineers diagnose root cause issues and fix problems first time in the field.
  • We redeploy experienced Field Engineers to the Customer Service Centre to use their experience to screen calls.
  • We seek to eliminate NFF and look to resolve calls remotely.
  • We triage calls to ensure that a field engineer is prepared for an effective call


A structured process to manage and reduce calls – driving up-time

  • We have targets for call reduction
  • We identify high call sites and recurrent issues
  • We organise on-site deep dives with customers and contractors
  • We use technology to remotely identify faults – an increasingly predictive maintenance approach
  • We develop options for resolution


We believe that people are the centre of our service delivery

  • One of our core values is “the Best Team Wins”. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has invested significantly in developing our field resources and technical expertise for many years.
    • Our engineers are empowered to manage their activity
  • We deliver services through a “patched” approach
    • Engineers are patch dedicated
    • Skills, tools and parts are tailored to the patch
    • Engineer builds customer relationships and local knowledge
    • Engineer owns the patch - “Look beyond the call”
    • We re-tune patches when conditions change
  • Training and Equipment
    • We have increased the pace of training and re-tooling
    • Our training increasingly delivered on-site and via “the cloud” is therefore increasingly continuous, and delivered by our technical support team and the network of Field Support Engineers across the UK
  • Investment in the future
    • We operate an Apprenticeship scheme to bring new skills into the industry in order to build for the future.


Our field teams are managed by Regional Managers all with significant experience and expertise within the industry, supported by Team Leaders who help drive both Health & Safety Standards and the delivery of service and installations to our customers.