TLS 2 Series

The TLS 2 Series is a bestselling Automatic Tank Gauging system for smaller sites, providing site operators with everything needed for comprehensive inventory control in a compact and affordable package.

Providing coverage for sites with up to 6 tanks, the TLS 2 automatic tank gauge offers easy to use VGA touch-screen operation allowing continuous inventory monitoring, automatically and conveniently providing data for total wetstock control. Automatic tank level alarms provide critical warnings of high/low fuel levels and water presence to improve day-to-day operations across the site.

The TLS 2 automatic tank gauge provides consistently accurate readings both remotely and on-site, providing the data needed to identify causes of variance before they become critical issues. Our customers can be confident that reported variance percentages are accurate and in-line with country specific standards and regulations across Europe.

  • ¼ VGA touch-screen allows easy navigation to gauging areas.
  • Optimised for smaller sites with 6 tank coverage.
  • Automatic in-tank alarms provide critical warnings of high/low fuel levels and water presence.
  • Wide application uses across all fuel storage facilities that use hydrocarbon fuels, LPG or AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
  • Compatible with the Delivery Information System (DIS) to provide tanker driver access to tank readings and enabling 24\7 deliveries.
  • Remote monitoring allows multiple sites to be managed from a central location.
  • Power-off Delivery automatically detects, reports and stores deliveries that occur during a power outage.
  • TLS 2 Web interface feature allows site owners to stay on top of business remotely.

Tank monitoring

Up to 6 probes

In-tank leak detection certification

0.38 or 0.76 LPH (US EPA)
0.10 LPH (ICIM Spain)

Operating temperaturerange (console)

0°C to 40°C

Power requirements

230 / 115 VAC