TLS-350 | Automatic Tank Gauge

The TLS-350 automatic tank gauge has become the industry-leading total solution for wetstock control at large sites with up to 16 tanks, featuring electronic line leak detection to eliminate functional testing for mechanical leak detectors. Moving beyond basic wetstock inventory and environmental risk management requirements, the TLS-350 automatic tank gauge provides options to improve your bottom line by creating an optimal tank chart for every tank in the system.

Internal Ethernet and GPRS/GSM communication options allow easy remote connectivity for centralised network control and fuel logistics management. The optional fuel manager software allows the tracking of average daily fuel usage and improved delivery scheduling.

Designed with long term flexibility in mind, the TLS-350 automatic tank gauge lets you choose the exact set of risk management and wetstock management features needed today, while allowing for the addition of extra features as regulatory requirements and your business needs change.

Our AccuChart™ technology adjusts for multiple tank calibration variables to provide the best-fit tank model for superior performance, ensuring high quality data as a firm foundation for the most accurate and reliable inventory control and loss analysis. Additionally, advanced Continuous Statistical Leak Detection provides 24-hour, automatic leak detection without tank shutdown, removing the risk of lost business time.

  • AccuChart automatic calibration provides highest quality data for wetstock analysis for up to 16 tanks.
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) allows automated daily and periodic book variance reporting.
  • Variance Analysis (VA) unmasks the underlying causes of variance that affect the whole forecourt process such as those through delivery and temperature.
  • Hourly Reconciliation Monitoring (HRM) provides dynamic leak detection for tanks and lines with automatic alarms.
  • Pressurised Electronic Line Leak Detection (PLLD) adds high level risk management for pressure fuelling systems for superior line leak control.
  • In-tank leak detection ensures tanks are tight using testing methods third-party certified to 0.38 or 0.76 litres per hour precision.
  • Delivery Information System (DIS) compatible allows connection to optional DIS to display tank data to the delivery driver on the forecourt, allowing 24/7 reliable unattended fuel delivery.
  • Expandable Modular system to meet growing site requirements including maximum probe, sensor, communication and relay output/input system capability.

Probes interface

Up to 16 Mag Plus/Mag-FLEX magnetostrictive probes

Leak detection

0.38 LPH and 0.76 LPH
Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD)
option for continuous 24 hour leak detection 

Operating temperature

0°C to 45°C (32°F to 118°F)

Tank monitoring

Up to 16 Mag Plus/Mag-FLEX magnetostrictive probes

Sensor interface

Up to 64 sensors