Sk700-II CNG Dispenser

Designed to meet the highest safety, reliability and performance demands.

  •   Flexible range of CNG configurations
  •   Standalone use, with single and double hose column
  •   Available with Emergency Shut Down system, knock over protection and internal valve sequencing
  •   Maximum Security
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Flexible and versatile

Choice of single or dual sided, one/two hose(s) per side, and lane or island-oriented.

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Maximum Security

Built-in protection systems for complete peace of mind

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Multiple configurable options

Suiteable for both public and fleet solutions with configurable equipment to complement the usage

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Industry leading accuracy and efficiency

Ensuring maximum uptime

Your forecourt, at full potential.

The industry's most flexible and versatile dispensing solution for CNG. It is compact in size, easily configured to suit various applications, and safely combined with other fuel grades.

CNG to fit your needs


Configurable to suit the needs of all, providing compressed natural gas to your customers without incident

  •   Temperature compensated filling procedure for accurate dispensing
  •   Configurable with either 250 or 300 bar inlet pressure
  •   Fully Biogas compatible
  •   Supported ambient temperature range of -20c to +40c
  •   Suitable for both retail and fleet operation
Compressed Natural Gas Dispenser - Single Hose

Applause Screen on a Sk700-II CNG Dispenser

Leading performance


Designed to deliver a best-in-class solution for CNG dispensing

  •   Industry leading accuracy and efficiency with temperature compensated filling procedures
  •   Top of the line security and safety functions built in as standard
  •   Increase revenues through a higher margin CNG offering
  •   Clear integrated display with transaction and media content on a single screen


Frequently Asked Questions

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the cleanest fossil fuel, and the cheapest of the other non-renewable resources (diesel, petroleum, and coal). Made mainly of methane the gas is compressed to less than 1% of the volume its normal pressure and then stored in hard containers at 2900-3600psi


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