Passport POS

Incorporating business intelligence tools for analysis of historical data, PassPort's modular structure and optional software maintenance agreements mean you can buy only what you need today and expand as your business grows. The PassPort system lets you track transactions with unique login IDs as well as manage stock levels and stock orders. The complete PassPort solution allows simple maintenance and avoids integration issues for optimum system performance.

Highlights include:

Superior usability

  • An intuitive and intelligent touchscreen POS interface that dramatically reduces training time, errors and shrinkage.

Seamless connectivity and standardisation

  • Enabling the system to connect with more dispensers, tanks gauges, third party back office and remotely hosted ERP/head office systems.

Powerful business information and security features

  • Providing a dynamic retail and wetstock reporting and tracking mechanism.
  • First in the fuel sector to receive PCI approval for the EMV FlexPay generation of payment terminals.

Sophisticated business growth tools

  • Includes fuel discounting, merchandise options, promotions and OLAP reporting.

Easy expandability and maintenance

  • PassPort's modular structure and optional software maintenance agreements mean you only have to buy what you need today and expand as needed.
  • Professional project managers to provide end-to-end solutions.

Retail stock management

  • Easy order generation and population of order lists.
  • Possibilities of mobile BOS systems.
  • Inventory management and stock in/out checks.

Fuel stock management 

  • Fully integrated wetstock level management.
  • Unattended deliveries.

Reduce forecourt congestion

  • Numerous payment options including Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT), Pay@Pump and Point of System (POS).
  • Continuous fuelling with the ability to handle up to six transactions on one dispenser.

Payment and loyalty

  • Multiple payment options including outdoor payment, card and cash payments and other payment modes.

Regulation / security

  • EMV approval systems in UK, Italy, Finland and Canada.
  • Fiscal, weights and measures approvals in several countries.

Improving communications

  • Drive additional business with tailored promotions and couponing.
  • Improved communication enhancing customer experience.
  • Trusted system with over 8,000 systems installed across the world.
  • Centralised business control supports multiple POS and Back Office System (BOS) operations both locally or company controlled.
  • Information flow to and from the oil companies includes sales, fuel levels, deliveries, unit prices and promotions.

An example of How passport works